Samuel J. Waggabum: Corgi Detective to the Animals

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Samuel J. Waggabum is a corgi detective in a small village. His assistant is Harvey, an Owl. One cold morning, a note is delivered to Sam informing him Millie the Raccoon’s baby girl, Babette has been kidnapped. The filthy note informs Sam that in order to ensure the safe return of Babette, he must solve 10 riddles, supply 10 gifts as ransom, follow complicated delivery rules, and involve no cops. Sam and Harvey research the riddles and realize they pertain to the names of animal groups, and contact various savory and unsavory inhabitants of the village to procure the gifts the kidnapper requests. All delivery instructions are carefully adhered to, and in the end the kidnapper is identified and baby Babette is safely returned. The kidnapper, however, loses in the end when, as he makes his escape, his “gifts” are lost forever in a pond.


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